Transform your shop into an Atelier

The ultimate boutique experience. Build our hand made eyewear in your store.

Nouvelle Chicane offers custom frame kits that you can prepare. Amaze everyone. 


The 9 reasons to build frames in your store.

1) a personal hand crafted touch will make your store stand out above your competition.

2) make local, many successful concept stores have already capitalized on this approach.

restaurants display their chefs preparing your food, why not show off your skills in optics?

3) add value at the point of sale;

4) reduce wholesale costs,  we supply frame kits at a significant discount. 

5) reduction in freight and environmental impact, Only build what is needed.

6)  minimizes duty and time stuck in customs

7) lower product carrying costs.

8) highest degree of customer service, hand fittings forming.  show off your skills!

9) our kits are easy to make, and we offer live training. 20 mins to put a frame together, but take your our time.. draw a crowd!

This is the opposite of the online experience!

Nouvelle Chicane wants to collaborate with capable independent optical shops to create locally in Europe and in the US.

We are building frames in: Boston, NYC & Verona Italy. Come join us!......