Cleaning Sunglasses

  • Cleaning your Lenses like a Pro

    Keep your optical lenses clean, but how?  

    Scratches are forever, but dirty lenses can be cleaned.  Lenses are coated with highly engineered coatings, some are even metallic. Care must be taken or you can permanently scratch them.

    Ask your optician for guidance, otherwise we have put together recommendations for you based up common lens types. 

  • Removing Stubborn Stains from White Sunglass Frames

    For more stubborn stains on your Sunglasses.

    Lipstick, nail polish, spray tan, pen marks, even candy may all be a challenge to remove from your beautiful clean white Nouvelle Chicane Frames. Here are some easy steps to bring the original pristine beauty back. 

    Start with warm water, then mild soap (micellar water)  and very soft abrasive like baking soda on the brush. Again abrasive scratch and will damage your lenses, if you brush or scratch the abrasive across the lenses. Use plenty of water to wash away debris.

  • Removing makeup from white sunglasses

    Makeup suntan lotion and oil occasionally needs to be removed from your Nouvelle Chicane frames after a warm day at the beach or hot day in town. 

    Use these progressive steps to remove the build up and return them to their sparkling new look.