Removing makeup from white sunglasses

Makeup, suntan lotion and oil occasionally needs to be removed from your Nouvelle Chicane frames after a warm day at the beach or hot day in town. 

Use these progressive steps to remove the build up and return your Nouvelle Chicane Frames to their sparkling selves again.

If you have a really stubborn stain like nail polish or lipstick refer to our related blog post.

It is important to use a gentle approach whenever cleaning your frames. We have more powerful techniques as required, but we will start with the gentle approach first.

Requirements: soft toothbrush, Garnier Micellar Water, water, glass or plastic bowl large enough to submerge your frames 

First and foremost get into the habit of protecting the lenses. If lenses or their coatings come into contact with harsh cleaners, alcohol etc, the coating may be compromised.

We always want to use minimal force and as little cleaning chemicals possible.  This will reduce the impact on the frames and the environment.

Start with submerging your frames in warm (not hot) water for 2-3 minutes.

🛑 A couple of words of caution:

1) Whenever using the toothbrush make sure you brush away from the lenses, a slip or an errant move could scratch your lenses. You may use an electric tooth brush, but we suggest using a manual to keep the forces low.

2) Remember to frequently clean your brush in clean water.

3) Use a soft worn, clean tooth brush. That can be prepared by cleaning with hot water. 

Brush the makeup and carefully observe if it is dislodging.  Frequently clean your brush between every few brush strokes. 

If this is not working, clean your brush under running water and then pour a small amount of the Micellar Water into the bristles of your brush.

Brush the areas of concern until it foams.  Run warm water of the frames to check progress. Take care to not let the soap collect on the lenses.

Clean your brush.. 


when complete submerge your frames for 2-3 minutes in clean warm water.

Watch our video for further instruction 

We have another blog about cleaning more stubborn issues (like spray tan, 💄) check out this video on stubborn stain removal.

Remember, it’s a progression and only use the cleaning power you need to.

Check us out at Nouvelle Chicane. Any questions..



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