Cleaning your Lenses like a Pro

How to Clean your Sunglass Lenses like the Professionals do !

Scratches are forever, but dirty lenses can be cleaned. You will be impressed by the difference in clarity.

Take care, don't take short cuts.

Lenses are coated with highly engineered coatings, some are even metallic. Care must be taken or you can permanently scratch them.

Ask your optician for guidance, otherwise we have put together recommendations for you based upon common lens types. 

Do Not:

  • use your shirt to clean your glasses.
  • use a paper towel
  • use Windex or glass cleaners
  • use household cleaners
  • use dish soap
  • use rubbing alcohol
  • leave your glasses dirty for too long
  • touch your lenses, (please handle by the frame edges)


  • keep your glasses covered / protected when not wearing them, preferably in a microfiber pouch. (we provide one with every pair). Contact us for a free pouch if you need one at
  • begin the cleaning process by submerging the glasses in clean warm water to loosen the dirt and oils
  • run water over the lenses and assess the condition. make sure all dirt, dust and grit is no longer on the lens. rinse further if not.
  • let air and drip dry
  • use a moist clean microfiber cloth to clean the lenses
  • moisten the cloth slightly with steam or small amount of water.  a very soft cotton cloth with no silk screen or paint may be used, but microfiber is preferred.
  • use light circular motions to polish the lenses. If you see grit or dust, use running water to dislodge. 
  • when you clean your cloths, do not use cleaners above under "do not". Clean your cloth thoroughly  with warm water or these damaging chemicals will get on your lenses.
  • dilute micellar water maybe used to remove more stubborn or smeared oils
  • use very light pressure only to push off the oils and dirt.
  • a clean q-tip can be used to locally clean areas hard to get to. use low pressure only, change for a new q-tip frequently.
  • low concentration isopropyl alcohol may also be used. dilute with 50% de-ionized water.  Take care not to touch your frames with the alcohol as it may discolor them. test carefully first in an inconspicuous area.
  • for the final rinse use de-ionized water when possible to reduce mineral.
  • remember always use the least power possible for the job. If water works, use water only. then try micellar water, finally alcohol. Always keep your cloths clean.

What do I do, if they are really scratched?

It's not the end of the world, we can help. This is a great opportunity to switch up your lens colors and look into the latest technology in eye protection.

Many good optical shops can replace your lenses or arrange an external lab to replace your lenses. They may even be able to polish away superficial abrasions.  If you cannot get to your local Nouvelle Chicane retailer, contact us through our website and we can arrange an alternative.

We suggest the following location for lens replacement Cohen's Fashion Optical

 We hoped this worked for you. 

 Leave any comments or questions below.

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