Removing Stubborn Stains from White Sunglass Frames

💄 Lipstick,  💅 nail polish, spray tan, 🖊 pen marks, even candy 🍭  can be difficult and frustrating to remove from your beautiful white frames. Here are several easy steps to bring the original pristine white beauty back. 

Time to clean: 15 - 30 minutes

Instructions below:

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  • A large bowl large enough to fully submerge your frames (glass or plastic is better since you are less likely to scratch your frame or lenses)
  • Warm Water💧
  • Soft clean tooth brush (make sure it is clean, old tooth paste is an abrasive, submerge in boiling water and rinse away any residue)
  • Micellar Water 💦 
  • Q-tips (may not be necessary depending on the stain or blemish)
  • Alcohol (may not be necessary depending on the stain or blemish)
  • Baking Soda (may not be necessary depending on the stain or blemish)
  • 1500-3000 grit wet and dry sand paper (may not be necessary depending on the stain or blemish)

Pre-soak your frames in warm (not hot) water for 2-3 minutes minimum.

 🛑 Caution:

1) Whenever using the toothbrush on your frames, make sure you brush away from the lenses, a slip or an errant move could scratch your lenses. You may use an electric tooth brush, but we suggest using a manual to keep the forces low.

2) Remember to frequently clean your brush in clean water.

3) Use a soft worn, clean tooth brush . That can be prepared by cleaning with hot water. 

Brush the makeup  and carefully observe if it is dislodging.  Frequently clean your brush between every few brush strokes. 

If this is not working, clean your brush under running water and then pour a small amount of the Micellar water into the bristles of your brush.

Brush the areas of concern until it foams.  Run warm water over the frames to check progress. Take care to not let the soap or abrasives collect on the lenses.

Clean your brush.. 


when complete submerge your frames for 2-3 minutes in clean warm water, minimum.

Watch our video for further instruction 

For more stubborn stains.

Stubborn issues (like spray tan, lipstick, nail polish) may require more powerful cleaning techniques.  Check out this video on stubborn stain removal.

Remember, it’s a progression and only use the cleaning power you need.

Start with warm water, then progress to soapy micellar water. As required move to very soft abrasives like baking soda on the brush with the Micellar water. You should see the dirt or stain in the foam as you brush and this shows it is working.

We prefer not to, but Alcohol on a q-tip may be used to blot the stain, if it continues to persist. Beware, alcohol can damage your lenses. Orient your frames so that any drip, that may occur, falls away from your lens.

Again abrasive will scratch and damage your lenses, if you brush the lenses. Use plenty of water to wash away debris.

Finally, you may consider wet/dry 1500-5000 grit sand paper.  Again, only on white uncoated frames from our collection.  Test in inconspicuous areas first and most of all be patient. Wash off the abrasive periodically and keep away from lenses.

Before wearing, submerge your frames in clean water to clean off any of the compounds before you wear them again.

Congratulations,   🎈 we hoped this worked for you!


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