Sunglass Colors Choices

How should I pick the best color lenses and sunglass frames?  

At Nouvelle Chicane we start with a customer 🤳 photograph. We like to use the free. Pantone Studio App.  This allows to isolate the customer skin, 👁 eye, lip and hair colors 💆🏾‍♀️.  The Pantone color are then identified.  We then consult our complimentary color 🌈 wheel.  Hint: aqua 🌊 and G15 lenses look fabulous with darker skin tones 🤘🏾.  We then discuss the benefits of gradient and mirror lenses with our customer.  

Then Nouvelle Chicane places the custom order to fit the customer need. Please contact us at Nouvelle Chicane for further personal services. We have makeup artists and personal shoppers that can make further suggestions.