Changing the color of sunglass frames

Occasionally we are asked to make custom colors for our clients. We ask for a color swatch, a picture, a sample of the color 🌈 or even the Pantone code color.

Here is an example of how we dyed a white pair of our frames 😎 to a coral color

You can do the same to an old pair of frames but you should make sure you know the material they are made from. You can always test first (at your risk), but this is how we do it at Nouvelle Chicane.

you will need the following :

1000 grit sand paper, 8" stainless steel pot, micellar water💦, tongs, a toothbrush, rit dye of your choice (always dye from a lighter color to a darker shade), white vinegar (1.25 cups), hair dryer .

Remove the lenses first. Set aside for reinstallation later.

Prep the frames by lightly sanding all surfaces with 1000 git paper,

1) soak 🚿 and clean🧽 the frames with Micellar 🚰 water and a tooth brush. rinse 🛁 thoroughly to remove the 🧼 soap, then leave the frames to soak in water until you are ready to 🧪 dye. You can add a shot glass of vinegar too.  This opens the material pores and allows the dye to penetrate further. 

2) fill a stainless steel pot, 8 inch diameter, 7 inch tall with water about 3/4 full. This allows the frames to tumble  in the liquid. Make sure the frames fit in the pot in the fully open position.

3) warm the water and add 1.25 cups of white vinegar.

4) carefully add 50 milliliters of coral rit dye (or your color of choice) we always suggest going to darker tone than the original frame color.

5) submerge frames 🤿  into the liquid, for minimum of 20 minutes continually poke and push / maneuver the frames. Open and close the temples, you want to expose all surfaces. Adjust the heat 🌡  so the frames roll 🔄 in the boil like below. see slow motion video.


6) remove the frames with tongs from the hot liquid. Leave the pot on the stove you may need to return the frames.

7) Wash frames under the cool water from your tap 🚰. Dry with hair dryer 🔥. Check color. if not dark enough put back in the pot 🍵. Add more dye or water as necessary.  Wet frames always look darker than when they are dry. Take this into account.

8) once completed the dye process, remove the frames, rinse 💦 and let the frames dry.

9) sand again very lightly as necessary to remove any roughness that occurred.

10) submerge the frames in water for at least 30 minutes ⌛️ to remove any excess dye. they always lighten 💡 up.

11) wash again 💦 with micellar water and tooth brush. rinse and let dry.

12) reinstall lenses, you may use the hair dryer to warm the frames to allow the lenses to pop back in. You can clear coat the frames to seal in the color but that glosses up the finish which you may or may not prefer.

Good luck.

Any questions contact us.