Fashion Sunglass Makers Kits

Build your own frames 🤲🏽 "by hand", for that personal touch.

Nouvelle Chicane is now offering frame kits to their customers who enjoy participating in their fashion creations 👩🏾‍🎨.

This option not only gives you the chance to become deeply involved with your 😎 eyewear, but it also offers up to 30% discount.

This option offers you the opportunity to reduce your environmental impact 🌿♻️. Build and make only what is needed 🚯.

Nouvelle Chicane now manufacturers their frames in Belgium, the Netherlands and New York City. This allows us to get these frame kits directly to our customers in the shortest path. It also minimizes or eliminates import VAT.

Our kits are easy to make (see video below). We also offer live one on one video conference training. It takes 20 mins to put a frame together, but take your our time.. draw a crowd, show off!

This is the opposite of the online experience! 

 If you like building our frames, we are looking to collaborate with capable independents to create locally in Europe and in the US.