Nouvelle Chicane Eyewear Uses Slow Fashion, The Eco-Friendly, Ethical Approach

In the United States over 300,000,000 sunglasses are distributed every year. Most made overseas and the Far East. Shockingly, more than 45% of all eyewear produced around the world are never sold.

135 Million sunglasses go into landfills, every year! The big brands would rather landfill them, than discount. This is extremely wasteful and has a profound impact on the environment. 

Nouvelle Chicane takes a different approach. We only make what the customer asks for, they are made to order. We do not make our frames in lots or batches. We make one at a time.  

This takes time. It's a Slow Fashion Process.  Each frame can take up to 80 hours to design and modify. We then offer you a complimentary third party Fashion Expert, Model and Personal Shopper to select the best frame shape to match your bone structure. She will help you then select a frame color. Finally, she will work with you to select the lenses that will match your skin tones, eye color, or even that special outfit. Depending on the customer's desire, even further detailing and design alterations can be made (jewels, initials etc.).

Additive Manufacturing Technologies are used to make these frames which is the preferred eco friendly method. One layer at a time is put down and laser cured. The proprietary materials are skin compatible, and very smooth to the touch. Several other boutique brands brands also use this technique.

Each frame takes many hours to make. They are then tumbled and polished for days. Colorizing is by hand for our special colors. Lenses are cut one at a time to match the frame contour.  Assembly is all by hand, final contouring is then done for final fit with touch up and correct.  Customers will receive a Certificate of Uniqueness describing the frame exactly. This ensures there will be no other frame made or designed just like this one. Like you, it will be unique. You will have a beautiful, premium luxury frame that made the smallest possible impact on the planet. 

Artists, musicians, environmentally conscious fashion coinsures and fashion thought leaders are among our most loyal clientele. Others.. just see them, and have to have them! .

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